I'll organize your Shore Excursion from the ports of Livorno or La Spezia, daily tours from the the main Tuscan cities:

Walking tours, Museums, Wine Tours, Cooking classes, Outlet shopping tour and generally any kind of customized tour.

Working with fewer people allows me to offer you more special attentions, which I consider fundamental in making your Tuscan adventure more memorable!

I'm a licensed guide so I can gude you in the city centers and in the museums.

I'll also act as your chauffeur, interpreter, travel consultant and I will assist you in such decisions as the best sights to see, how to best use the touring time and if necessary, possible short-term changes of plans according to your individual likes or dislikes.

I'm also pleased to point out the right restaurants, shopping areas and ensure that clients get out of the trip whatever they were looking for culture, sights, landscapes, shopping, food tasting etc.

For last, I collaborate with a travel company so I'm able to provide for your accommodations, and with my own car ,a rented car , minivan or eventually a bus (I have the bus license with NCC so I can drive any kind of vehicles)

I can arrange comfortable transfers from any Italian location to Tuscany or vice versa, pre or post cruise packages including hotels, all inclusive tours of Italy, private transfers to the rest of Europe.

I know well not only tuscany but also the rest of most of Europe, so I can also customize tours to the most beautiful city in the old continent.

I will personally attend to your needs all the times not only taking care of directions and getting around, but also introducing you to little unknown places, hidden treasures for an unique and genuine travel experience.