About me

Ciao! I'm Lunella and I live in Tuscany. My name means 'little moon' and it's a fantasy name. And my surname Donati, was the surname of Dante's wife Gemma. The first important civilization of Tuscany was the Etruscan civilization! I'm sure to be Etruscan too!! I'm a left-hand writer like the Etruscans were and I like to enjoy myself like they did. If I look back, all my ancestors were from this land, I feel part of Tuscany and for me, it's the most beautiful place in the world!

I studied in Florence "school for tourism" and later I went to England to learn English. I start to work in the tourism as a tour leader in 1991 and I've been travelling all over the world since then. At the end of the 90's I finally started working in my city that I love very much. I will be glad to offer walking tours and visits to museums and churches, as well as the experience of the best Italian combination: craft goods, wine and food tasting. I will be more than happy to customize a tour that suits your needs. I have the license as Guide, Tour manager and licences to drive customers (KB. CNN. D).

I wish you a wonderful time in Florence and Tuscany!